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CarpCup help - Registration

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Precisely fulfill all requested fields

CarpCup registration is free but mandatory to access on-line carp enduros. And all requested informations have to be precisely fulfilled. If some of information may deliberately or unintentionally badly fulfilled, your registration could not run correctly so you could not access the on-line carp enduros.

Particular case for some mail provider

With some mail provider, you will have to provide extra work to confirm your CarpCup registration. In fact, some mail provider applies email formatting and do not active URL or hyperlinks in email. So confirmation link of CarpCup are thus not active in the email CarpCup send to you during registration. Then you have to follow instructions for manual process to confirm your registration that is described in the second half of the email.

CarpCup email not received

As far as your register on CarpCup, you shall receive email from CarpCup in order to confirm your CarpCup registration. Your confirmation allow CarpCup to validate the communication channel between CarpCup and you by email. In case you do not receive this email, then go to CarpCup home page and access to enduros. Thus CarpCup will tell you that you have to confirm your registration and will send you again the email. In cas you do not receive the email anymore, contact the CarpCup Webmaster using the related link you find in the bottomof all CarpCup pages because you could have enter a wrong email address when you fulfilled registration fields.
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